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Performance monitoring and tuning

By VetteXperts in Pompano Beach, Florida

Setting the ignition timing while monitoring engine power output with a dynamometer is one way to correctly set the ignition timing.


After advancing or retarding the timing, a corresponding change in power output will usually occur.

A load type dynamometer is the best way to accomplish this as the engine
can be held at a steady speed and load while the timing is adjusted for maximum output.

Using a knock sensor to find the correct timing is one method used to tune an engine. In this method, the timing is advanced until knock occurs.


The timing is then retarded one or two degrees and set there. After achieving the desired power characteristics for a given engine load/rpm, the spark plugs should be inspected for signs of engine detonation. If there are any such signs, the ignition timing should be retarded until there are none. Another method for setting up the ignition timing on a load type dynamometer is to slowly advance the timing until the power measured by the dynamometer does not increase anymore, then subtract 1-2 degrees for the final advance value.

Ignition Timing

Setting the correct Ignition System timing is crucial in the performance of an engine. The ignition timing affects many variables including engine longevity, fuel economy, and engine power. Modern engines that are controlled by an Engine control unit use a computer to control the timing throughout the engine Revolution per_minute range. Older engines that use mechanical Electric spark distributor inertia (by using rotating weights and springs manifold vacuum) in order to set the ignition timing throughout the engine's RPM range.


There are many factors that influence ignition timing. These include which type of ignition system is used, engine speed and load, which components are used in the ignition system, and the settings of the ignition system components.


Usually, any major engine changes or upgrades will require a change to the ignition timing settings of the engine.

A&A Supercharger

We are an authorized dealer for "A&A" Products.

A&A Supercharger Kits for C5, C6 & C7 Corvettes.

A&A designs, builds and thoroughly tests the full line of A&A Supercharger systems and related components in their Southern California facility.

A&A offer systems for C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes exclusively. From 600 horsepower emissions compliant daily drivers
to 1200 horsepower drag race cars and everything in between, A&A has the right components to get the job done!

C5 A&A Supercharger Kit


C5 Supercharger Kit


C5 is a “Bottom Breather”. Incoming airflow is drawn in from under the car, rather than through a large grille opening as in later models. This requires a different approach as to how to get adequate airflow through the intercooler.


Just putting an intercooler in front of the radiator does little more than block the radiator. The factory shroud (that large plastic piece that slopes down from the top of the radiator to the front bumper) is gone, so what is there to force the air through the intercooler and radiator? Furthermore, with that shroud gone, what is there to stop the airflow from just going off into the fender wells on either side of the radiator as well as up into the bumper itself? The straight answer is NOTHING!


A&A is the ONLY system that looks at this problem and actually does something about it. A&A have CNC formed aluminum panels that seal this whole area off so the airflow is trapped in the radiator cavity and forced into the radiator. This approach helps engine cooling tremendously.

C6 A&A Supercharger Kit



A&A C6 supercharger systems have benefitted from all the innovations implemented in their C5 and C7 research and development. Each time they found a way to improve the C5 or C7 systems, they went to C6 and did the same.

C7 A&A Supercharger Kit


A&A Corvette produced the first C7 Corvette supercharger system in October of 2013.
After much testing and a few “tweaks” here and there, production systems became available in January of 2014. 


Aesthetically as well as mechanically, A&A believe this to be the finest system available for the new C7 Stingray

Edelbrock Supercharger

We are an authorized dealer for "Edelbrock" Products.



Features include:


Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger systems deliver optimum horsepower and torque in a complete, street-legal kit that fits under the factory hood.


The core of each system is the Eaton Gen VI 2300 TVS Supercharger rotating assembly. Eaton's assembly features a four lobe design with 160 twist for maximum flow, minimum temperature rise and quiet operation for excellent drivability.


The supercharger assembly has been integrated into the intake manifold for a seamless design with minimal components, eliminating the possibility of vacuum leaks between gasket surfaces.


Edelbrock's inverted supercharger assembly is uniquely oriented, allowing for an incredible amount of intake runner length for maximizing low end torque. An integrated bypass valve helps eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle for improved mileage potential.


Finally...the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger system is not just a performance upgrade, it also has great looks!


The supercharger assembly and matching aluminum coil covers are black powdered coated for durability with highlighted fins and Edelbrock logo for a unique appearance that will give any engine compartment a custom look.