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VetteXperts - A Corvette Shop

Corvette Repairs, Maintenance, Performance, & Restoration

Corvette Repairs, Maintenance, Performance, & Restoration

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Serving Pompano Beach Florida for over 30 years

The VetteXperts Team has Over 60 Years of Combined Experience.

We offer a wide range of automotive services, from a simple oil change & filter to a complete engine overhaul. Rest assured, all our work is carried out by skilled and certified technicians. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

ASE Certified Master Technician31 Years

Tony Gounis, Owner

ASE Certified Master Technician
31 Years
ASE Certified Technician17 Years

Chris Grief

ASE Certified Technician
17 Years
Certified Technician12 Years

Justin Teri

Certified Technician
12 Years
VetteXperts - A Corvette Shop

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Our Services

At VetteXperts, we take great pride in staying ahead with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and automotive technology. Our comprehensive services encompass Corvette Repairs, Maintenance, Performance Enhancements, and Restorations.

Why opt for the dealer when it comes to routine maintenance and repairs that fall outside the factory warranty or after its expiration? Instead, trust our team of trained professionals who offer top-notch service at a reasonable price. Your vehicle will be in excellent hands with us.

VetteXperts Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

VetteXperts Performance


VetteXperts Restorations


VetteXperts Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning

VetteXperts Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Jasper Engines

Automotive Service Excellence

Automotive Service Excellence

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